A Tale of a First-Time Rider


The last indoor cycling class I attended took place half a decade ago in a dingy, dank, dimly lit room in the back corner of a gym. We listened to a janky boombox that sat on the floor while the instructor walked around spraying WD40 on our screechy pedals.

So when I heard about CYCLEBAR®, I was both intrigued and intimidated. I wasn’t entirely confident that I would be able to keep pace or hack the intensity at this premium indoor cycling facility.

Reservations aside, I wandered into the CYCLEBAR® studio at the ungodly hour of 5:15 in the morning, nervously ready to give this thing a whirl.

CYCLEBAR® is everything my previous indoor cycling experiences were not. I was warmly greeted at the door and enthusiastically shown how to check in, find shoes and fill up my complimentary bottle of water.

I entered the studio to find my bike neatly settled stadium-style among a few rows of bikes that faced large mirrors and two huge large-screen TVs. I could see the instructor preparing her music from the red DJ booth in the corner of the room, so I hopped on my bike (which was already adjusted to the right height), clipped in, and started warming up.

Our instructor flicked down the lights, pumped up the music, and suddenly, I was transported to a completely different world. As the lights rose and fell and changed colors with the songs, the music pumped through my veins as sweat poured down my face, and my legs hypnotically cycled to the beat.

My self-doubts were gloriously silenced for 50 blissful minutes. There in the studio, it didn’t matter how early in the morning it was, what the people around me were wearing or how many times I had been to cycling classes.

Before I knew it, we had rocked through an entire session filled with speed, hills and strength. As we cooled down and stretched out, I felt like I was on top of the world — and it still wasn’t even light outside yet.

I now understand the power behind CYCLEBAR’s loyal following. They take care of everything for you, so all you have to do is show up. You don’t even have to think. In my chaotic life, that is a welcome relief — and a welcome release.

Just as I arrived home, I received an email that broke down the stats of my workout, and my chest swelled with pride. The electronic validation of my early-morning effort was just the encouragement I needed to power me through whatever else the day had in store for me.

CYCLEBAR®, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

– Adrea Beatty

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  • Mark

    an email or phone number would be great to get some info

  • Monique

    Does anyone know when this is opening ???

  • Annalisa

    I can’t wait

  • Terry Bragg

    they are shooting for oct 3

  • Heather Marzano

    Any idea on hours?

  • Gregorio Serrata

    Our apologies for not seeing your posts. We will answer all questions ASAP from here on out. CycleBar Henderson will be opening in early Spring. No timelines have been given yet due to the fact that The District is still constructing the space. Hours will be displayed in the free CycleBar App a few weeks before opening. Schedules will be (early/mid morning, late afternoon/early evening) with some midday classes.
    The best way to contact CycleBar Henderson is via email at Henderson@CycleBar.com. You can also get updates on the Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/CycleBarHenderson/.
    We look forward to Rocking Your Ride!

  • Summer MonteCristo

    Any news on when the Brentwood Location will open?

  • Lara Matisek

    Evanston!!! I can’t wait for the opening! When will it open ?! 🙂

  • Sherry Shi

    When will the San Jose (Westgate) location be opening?

  • Michael Maildump

    I drove by the Westgate location, it is facing the street (Prospect) and easy to reach.
    The current building status is that it is an empty shell, with a sign on the window that says “CycleBar coming soon.”
    So don’t hold your breath for an opening this year.

  • Meredith LeBlanc

    Where can i find Prices?

  • Cassie

    Will cycle bar be participating in class pass?

  • Shannon Smith Kinross

    When is the Polaris location opening?

  • Lisa Hazen

    Group Private rides start April 24, CycleBlast free rides to the public start May 4. Visit us at westgatewest.cyclebaruae2.wpengine.com or contact us at westgatewest@cyclebaruae2.wpengine.com

  • Lisa Hazen

    Group Private rides start April 24, CycleBlast free rides to the public start May 4. Visit us at westgatewest.cyclebaruae2.wpengine.com or contact us at westgatewest@cyclebaruae2.wpengine.com.

  • Lizzy Braun

    When is the lohi denver location opening!? And is there plans for a Thornton/Westminster location?

  • Lauren Newmeyer

    When will cyclebar in Weston Florida open?

  • Julie Ann

    Is there an opening date for Cyclebar Robinson? I’m getting updates but not sure of the date. Are there prices listed? Just wondering if there’s a monthly price? Excited to get started, miss spin! Thanks!

  • Ashley Armstrong

    When is the southlands location opening

  • Nikki Schneider

    Does anyone know when the North Hills location is opening?

  • C C

    We’ve yet to decide on an opening date for the Southlands/Aurora location but we’re hoping late summer/early autumn 🙂

  • Juli Barlowe

    When does austin landing open? Can’t wait!!

  • Tammy Duffy Barry

    When is YorkTown opening?

  • Dena Bramhall

    Hi, when will the Westminster, CO Orchards location open?

  • Alex Wunder

    Hi anyone know when cyclebar in Carmel valley is opening? Can’t wait!

  • Michelle Butvilas

    When will the Cyclebar Southlands (Aurora, Colorado) be opening? I have been waiting for months!!!!!!!!

  • Carol Clark Clemens

    When will the Raleigh location be open?

  • Sara Kayrn

    When is your assembly row location expected to open?

  • Kathy

    Just learned about Cyclebar last night from my niece! would love to try it! One is opening near me