My husband and I love each other—and competing with each other, so you would think that we’d love competing with each other at CycleBar. But as the parents of two small children, it’s tough to get to the studio together. In fact, we’d been riding independently at CycleBar for months before we finally experienced our first ride together.
Here’s how it went down:
In effort to stay healthy and injury-free during marathon training season, we scheduled a Sunday recovery ride at CycleBar. It was a perfect plan! Big miles on Saturday, shake out the legs at CycleBar on Sunday. Relax, have fun, enjoy our workout together.
Ah, the best laid plans.
On Sunday, we arrived at the studio, hopped on neighboring bikes, and began warming up. We eased into the ride, playfully ribbing one another. It was all fun and games until I noticed my husband glancing over to my monitor. He was checking in on me! THAT PUNK WAS TRYING TO BEAT ME!
The ride got real serious, real quick.
We both pretended to be nonchalantly riding, but you can be sure that every hill and every sprint was a maximum effort. At one point during an isolation segment, I hissed, “You’re not supposed to be bouncing.” My husband grimaced back at me, grit his teeth, and pedaled harder.
By the time the last song rolled around, we both knew everything was out on the line. We scrambled furiously through the very last second, and waited anxiously for the final results to display on the overhead screens.
The monitors blinked, and to what did my wondering eyes appear? My name in first place. I threw my hands up in victory and we both laughed.
During that ride, I burned more calories than I ever had before, and I’m pretty sure I could feel my heartbeat in my legs for the rest of the day (and part of the next day, too). So it just goes to show that when you mix love and cycling, you get results.
So if you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to invite your spouse or significant other for a ride at CycleBar and give your motivation the love that it needs. All’s fair in love and cycling.
-Adrea Beatty, CycleBar

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