Humans are creatures of habit. We have routines that keep us sane and organized every day. But, when your workout starts feeling stale, you’re entering a danger zone! Not only do you have less motivation to get it done in the first place, but doing the same exercises over and over can lead to injury, fatigue, and the dreaded plateau.
Don’t fret. Here are our top tips to help you shake off the doldrums and inject some life into your workout:
1. Change it up. Do you always sit on bike #23? Try a new row or a different bike and change your perspective. Maybe you always take the 6am early bird ride. Hit up the 6pm happy hour ride, and see how differently you feel.

2. Employ the buddy system. It’s no secret that adding accountability aids motivation. So grab a friend and drag ‘em to the bar. You’ll ride differently knowing that you’ve got a friend in tow—and a lil’ friendly competition never hurt anyone.

3. Update your workout wardrobe. If your workout clothes don’t make you feel fabulous, it’s time for a refresh. How you feel about yourself in your active gear has a huge influence on your actual activity. Treat yourself to some new duds, and you’ll be amazed at how much more excited you’ll feel to rock your next workout. (Pro tip: check out the new hotness at the CB Boutique the next time you go for a ride.)

4. Tune up. At CycleBar, music is the driving force behind every ride. Make sure your at-home playlist feels fresh, and if you’d like to hear some new tunes in the studio, give your CycleStar Instructor that feedback. Also, check your local schedule for a themed ride and give one a whirl for a new take on workout music.

5. Break out of the studio. Check out a pop-up ride, hit up a happy hour, or meet up with cycle friends outside the studio. New experiences are good for your workout—and good for your soul.
—Adrea Beatty, CycleBar

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