Motivation and musings from the #cyclebar team.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Last month on the CycleBlog, Adrea broke down three key traits that make for the best CycleBeats®. But over the last decade, I have pinpointed some very specific song elements that can conjure pure workout music magic. Today, we’ll examine the first such element: clapping. What is it about hand clapping that makes a song… Read more »


Spring cleaning. I love this idea in theory. Clean out the cobwebs, and make space for the new season. Reduce! Simplify! Freshen! These things all seem lovely. But, DOING THEM is, you know, a real chore. Like, literally. That said, there is one place in my house I never mind spring cleaning. It’s my closet…. Read more »


It’s no secret. Runners and cyclists are like cats and dogs. Oil and water. They don’t really mesh. Why? They just aren’t wired the same. And often, they don’t really get along. At all. So you might be like I was. A runner who had heard about CycleBar, and thought it sounded intriguing, but was… Read more »

CycleStar Instructors: What Does Your Heart Beat For?

In honor of American Heart Month, we asked our CycleStar Instructors what makes their heart beat. From inspiring to everyday and motivating to liberating, here at CycleBar®, we’re surrounded by a passionate group of exercise enthusiasts who interests reach far beyond the studio.   “I survived a major stroke March 1, 2015. It only goes… Read more »


You know the song. That one that gets your legs pumping every time. Whether it’s a killer beat, inspiring lyrics, or a catchy tune; a great song has the power to move you through a ride—and even through your day. But what is it that makes a great cycling song great? At CycleBar®, we think… Read more »

14 Tips for Heart Health

In honor of Valentine’s Day and National Heart Month, Dr. Barry Taylor (and CycleBar rider) has brought you some tips to keep your heart in tip-top shape.

This Month in CycleBeats™

Working out and jamming out go hand-in-hand. That’s why one of my favorite things about CycleBar® is their commitment to making music a centerpiece of their overall rider experience. In other words, they’ve got the best tuneage and most kickass sound system in the game, y’all. And, as an athlete and music aficionado, I know… Read more »


We know, we know. You love CycleBar® with all your heart. That’s great! Here’s something even greater: CycleBar loves your heart right back. It’s just a big ol’ cycle of love. After all, cardiovascular disease (including heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure) is the No. 1 killer of Americans. So it’s an issue we… Read more »

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

As a human female, I carry the standard body insecurities and neurosis with me everywhere I go. I grimace at my reflection as I scurry past buildings downtown and cringe at the girl staring back at me from the full-size mirror in my poorly lit closet at home. Sometimes it feels like my life is… Read more »


Eating healthier is one of the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions. How many of you set that as an intention this year? How is it going? I’m guessing many of you may not have yet started or started and have already strayed from the path. Eating healthier is an easy goal to set, but less… Read more »


  When CycleBar® introduced the InTENse Challenge, I was 100% ready to participate. Buy 10 rides, ride 10 times, win big. Awesome deal, right?  So I went online, bought 10 rides, and started riding. And then, I went through the 10 stages of the InTENse Challenge. It goes a little something like this: 1. Naiveté… Read more »

Call To Arms

By now, you know that CycleBar® isn’t just another bike ride through the park. It’s an intense session of adrenaline-pumping, sweat-dripping, heart-stopping, leg-burning action. And that’s before you even pick up the body bar. Each bike comes equipped with a body bar to ensure that you get a more complete workout. I don’t know about… Read more »

Just Another Mashup Monday

Confession: I’ve never been a morning worker-outer. I’ve always envied those people who can bounce out of bed before the sun comes up, stuff in a workout, and go along on their merry little way. From time to time, I’ll work out in early in the morning, but generally it’s when my life necessitates it,… Read more »


The first time you work out with someone, it’s kind of like a first date. You’re worried about what to wear, concerned that you won’t be compatible, or—GOD FORBID—that you won’t be able to keep up. It’s stressful, and a lot of people let this psych themselves out of having workout buddies. Don’t let this happen to… Read more »

Put a Positive Spin on your New Years Resolutions

Are you sick of making New Years Resolutions that only REMOVE things from your diet or life in general? You know, the “I want to lose 5 pounds” or “I want to clean out the pantry” or “I want to get rid of those toxic relationships.” This year, give yourself a break and put a positive “spin” on those… Read more »