Motivation and musings from the #cyclebar team.

Hope Springs Eternal

  As a new year begins, I find my hope is also renewed. Like most people, I start the year with the best of intentions—to live healthier, make good choices, and be a better human. And with those intentions often come New Year’s resolutions, which allow us to take a look at our lives and… Read more »

What is your Cycle Name?

When you hit CycleBar® for a ride, what name appears on the big screen? No, not your real name. I’m talking about your cycling pseudonym. If you’ve got an uninspired name or -gasp- a line of dashes next to your bike, it’s time to get those creative wheels turning. Here are some ideas to get… Read more »

We’ve got the Beats!

  Thanks for helping us rock 2015! Our CycleStar® Instructors weighed in on what kept their legs pushing and their hearts pumping all year long: get the entire list here.   Nick’s picks (Hyde Park studio): Bitch Better Have My Money R3HAB remix – Rihanna “I already love this song so much, simply because, I… Read more »

The Hidden Secrets of Cycle Picking

You’ve checked your schedule, selected your class, and before you can pull the trigger, a familiar sense of doom fills your head with doubts. Which bike should I select? The grid of open seats glares from your computer screen, a hauntingly difficult decision. My general thought process goes a little something like this: “The four… Read more »

What’s in your stocking, Wellesley? With CycleStar® Instructor Mandy!

Fa la la la laa, la la la la. This eclectic music fan would like some new tune recommendations from Santa. And while she’s calling in favors from St. Nick, she’d also like him to arrange some celebrity meet-ups. Adele for her soul, and Tom Brady for her heart. Oh, and dark chocolate for dessert…. Read more »

Rider Confessional: We Are in a Non-Existent Bike Race

There you are, cycling your little heart out, when you take a peek at your neighbor’s display and adjust your cadence just a smidge. Every now and then, you check back on her watts and distance and calories to compare and contrast with your own. You start to feel pretty confident that you’re totally winning this… Read more »

What’s in your stocking, Wellesley? With CycleStar® Instructor Bill!

What does Bill Pryor wish for?  Making a list and checking it twice? Bill thinks a bionic knee for Gronk would be nice. This dead-head also wants a stocking filled with Jerry Garcia-inspired tunes, a nylon tattoo sleeve, and a pile of pralines to keep things sweet. While you’re at it, warm him up some… Read more »

What’s In Your Stocking, Wellesley? With CycleStar® Instructor Alex!

What does Alex Klemmer wish for? Ever wonder what’s on a CycleStar® Instructor’s wish list? We asked Alex Klemmer, “What’s in your stocking?” and learned that she wants to unwind from her work-out with a bottle of red. And a bottle of white. Whatever kinda mood she’s in tonight. Alex wants more music and salted… Read more »

What’s In your stocking, Royal Oak? With CycleStar® Instructor Nicole!

What Does Nicole Yoder Wish For? This marvelous mama wants what all parents desire: some time to herself. Santa, call up your sitters, because Nicole wants a full 24-hours of awesome. She’d like to start her day with a run (and of course, a new pair of running shoes) before she heads off to the… Read more »

What’s In Your Stocking, Royal Oak? With CycleStar® Instructor Lisa!

What Does Lisa Hillman Wish For? This pretty powerhouse is all over the map with her holiday wish-list. Literally! Lisa loves to travel, and would like to tour a few new locations. As she cruises through customs, she’d like a coloring book to keep her calm, a magazine subscription to make her laugh, and a… Read more »

What’s in Your Stocking, Royal Oak? With CycleStar® Instructor Katie Connor

What Does Katie Connor Wish For? By day, a teacher. By night, a CycleStar Instructor. This real-life superhero leads a double life, and has a double awesome holiday wish list. Katie wants to get down and dirty with tickets to see the Biebs—and then she’ll clean up with some sweet-smelling suds and marvelous mascara. MEET… Read more »

Fall 2015 CycleGiving™ events at CycleBar® Wellesley

This fall was a busy time at the Wellesley studio! In addition to our regular schedule of classes, we partnered with a number of charities and groups to create CycleGiving rides—special rides in our studio that help charities raise money. These events are an integral part of the CycleBar mission, and a way to connect… Read more »

Let’s Go Streaking!

As a runner, one of my favorite holiday traditions is participating in a running streak from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day each season. In the case of running, it requires running one mile every day. It’s more of a logistical challenge than anything, but it’s a challenge that I enjoy, year after year. A trend… Read more »

What’s in your Stocking, CycleStar® Instructor Nick?

What Does Nick Melnyk Wish For? Nick goes hard in the studio and easy at home. For the holidays, this soft-spoken fellow wants to relax with a cup of coffee, candles, and cold hard cash. Here’s hoping Santa stuffs his stocking full of gift cards. MEET NICK

What’s in your stocking, CycleStar® Instructor Katie?

For Christmas, this lovely lady yearns for a gent who loves to snuggle. That’s right, this dog-loving, sport-playing, always-on-the-go girl wishes for a puppy. And who can blame her? Puppy snuggles are the best.