Motivation and musings from the #cyclebar team.

What’s in your stocking, CycleStar® Instructor Ziad?

What’s the key to this fun-loving fella’s heart? The three Fs: family, friends, and football. And of course, pecan pie. Because PIE. If you want to suck up to him after class, throw in a few quotes from The Office, and he’ll be your friend for life. Santa, we hope you squeeze all of this infectious energy down the chimney. That’s what she said.

What’s in Your Stocking, CycleStar® Instructor Jordin?

What does Jordin Cooper Wish for? Ever wonder what’s on a CycleStar® Instructor’s wish list? We asked Jordin Cooper, “What’s in your stocking?” and learned that she has a need for speed both inside and outside of the studio. Both fast and furious, this ski-sloping Paul-Walker-loving girl is prepared to whiz through the holiday season…. Read more »

The Hottest Trend in Fitness Might Surprise You

Odds are that you’ve been overlooking an important part of your workout regimen: exercising your giving muscle. Research suggests that charitable behavior plays an important role in our ongoing physical and mental wellness. There are major health benefits of giving—not just for the recipients, but for the givers’ health and happiness. Here are some ways you… Read more »

Talking Turkey With CycleStar® Instructor Shannon Steverson

At CycleBar®, our elite instructors provide the living proof that you can indulge in festive favorites without undoing all of your hard work in the studio. We sat down with CycleStar® Instructor Shannon Steverson to find out how she breaks even with Turkey Day treats. As a self-proclaimed foodie, Shannon is as passionate about her… Read more »

Talking Turkey With CycleStar® Instructor Aimee Blessing

At CycleBar®, our elite instructors are experts in the world of fitness, but they’re no strangers to the indulgent foods that come with the holiday season. As the annual Thanksgiving feast creeps closer, CycleStar® Instructors and riders alike will gather with friends and family to fill up their plates with seasonal favorites. CycleStar Instructors are living proof that you can have a joyous Holiday Season without undoing all of your hard work in the studio. The key to their success is balance. We sat down with beloved CycleStar Instructor Aimee Blessing to get the down-low on what she indulges in and what she does to burn it off.

ManCycling: 10 Reasons Men Should Give Indoor Cycling a Try

When I mention to my friends that I ride at CycleBar®, a Premium Indoor Cycling Studio, I tend to get one of three responses: 1) “CycleBar? I love that place”—from my female friends, 2) “Indoor Cycling? That’s just for women right?”—from my male friends, 3) “Indoor cycling? Don’t you run into the walls?”—from my clueless… Read more »

Top 10 Reasons To Go Indoors

If you love outdoor cycling, there’s no reason to give it up during the winter months. Instead, here are 10 reasons you should become an indoor cycling convert. You’ll benefit from the safety, focused training, and performance tracking that indoor cycling classes offer and discover you’re in even better shape for riding outdoors when the groundhog emerges from his hole in the Spring.

Trick or Treat? How to Survive the ‘Eating Season’

Halloween marks the start of the traditional “eating” (or overeating) season. The sugar-snacking from Halloween leads directly into the Thanksgiving feasting week….followed closely by the Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s calorie extravaganzas. There are two ways we typically deal with this season, ALL or NOTHING.

A Tale of a First-Time Rider

CYCLEBAR® is everything my previous indoor cycling experiences were not. I was warmly greeted at the door and enthusiastically shown how to check in, find shoes and fill up my complimentary bottle of water.


Buckle up, kids. CycleBar is giving you the ride of your life this summer. We kicked if off with our Summer Concert Challenge, giving away tickets to your favorite concerts both in and outside of the studio. Now, here is the skinny on just a few of our amazing summer events.


Do the stretches. At the end of every CYCLEBAR® class there are 4-5 minutes of on-bike and off-bike stretches. Don’t sneak out…DO the stretching. It’s a great way to cool down from the class, to help your body recover gently, and to minimize post-ride stiffness.


CYCLEBAR®, has been home to a variety of special events over the years. We have excess studio time and are happy to make it available to our riders! Raising money via indoor cycling class — great fun!


When you “schedule” your workout, you are much more likely to actually do it and CycleBar has made that process incredibly easy. With the CycleBar® app you can book a class in less than 5 seconds. Of course you can always view the full schedule and you make purchases. Further (if you so desire), you can have that class added to your personal calendar!